Saving week in Ethiopië

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Van 29 februari tot 4 april 2016 was het saving week in Ethiopië. Tijdens deze feestelijke dagen op de Jacaranda basisschool draait alles om sparen. Sparen in de ruimste zin van het woord, dus ook papier, pennen, boeken en muntjes.

De studenten leveren hun voorwerpen in en de caissières zorgen voor het innen en opbergen ervan. De student met de meest gespaarde spullen, én de beste caissière waren de winnaars van de week en doen hieronder het woord.


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Would you like introduce us yourself: My name is Nahom Meaza, I am 10 years old and grade 4 student at Jacaranda primary school.saving week Ethiopia student Aflatoun

What are you rewarded for: I was the winning student of the Saving Week. Aflatoun rewarded me for saving 21 A4 size papers, 6 color pencils, and 2 pencils in the grade 4 saving box. For that reason I was rewarded with 100 birr to open a bank book.

What is saving: saving is keeping what one receives from his or her parents for instance for properly utilizing school uniforms, exercise books, pencils and the school property.

Where do you save: I save both at school and at home. I have a tin can at home where I keeps my coins.

What is Aflatoun for you: Aflatoun is a fire ball which has a yellow color which comes to our world to make the children happy at their school. Also Aflatoun teaches us to be good students and advises us to be good children. We save and share with others who do not have anything.

Why do you love Aflatoun: I love Aflatoun because I can do philanthropic activities with my friends and Aflatoun helps us to do that. Helping people makes me delighted.

What do you tell to your friends about saving: Before I started to learn about saving I spent all the money I received from my parents, but currently I plan to save some for other times and I spend the rest. If my friends do like that as well they do not get in to trouble buying what they like because they already have some money they saved.


MeronWould you like introduce us yourself: My name is Meron Fikadu I am 10 years old and a grade four student.

What is your role in the club: I am a casher. As casher I receive what the students bring to save. I write down on the paper their stationery which I receive and I keep it in the saving boxes.

What are you rewarded for: I got a reward of 100 birr because the students in my class saved several stationery and that is due to my support. I received and served the whole week without being tired.

Do you think that saving is useful for children
: Definitely, it will keep them from begging for everything from their parents, they can do extra things for themselves if they save. They can also use their saving to help others.

What are the challenges you encountered: As a casher I have seen some students who came back quickly after they saved and asked me to get back what they saved. I reject pens which does not work, pencils which are tiny and cannot be used anymore. Some students try to get a better one in exchange for their useless pen or pencil.

What have you learned from Aflatoun: We have learned to save our property, to respect elders and to help people. We do charity works in our school.

Kortom, een geslaagde week op deze Ethiopische basisschool! Wil je meer weten over ons project in Ethiopie? Kijk dan snel eens op


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