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Why is there need for complementary education in Uganda?

There are about 2 million orphans living in Uganda. These are kids whose parents died of AIDS or kids who were left on the street by their parents. In most orphanages kids are given shelter until the age of six. Hereafter they end up on the streets or in massive shelters.  It is especially hard for the girls to be able to pursue an education or to find a place to live. Children with a physical or mental disability are also generally not welcome anywhere. This has to do with the fact that most  people don’t know how to deal with persons with disability. The quality of education in Uganda is usually bad and orphans and kids with a disability  often don’t have access to education. Consequently, these children lack financial and social skills that are essential to building an independent future. To improve this deficiency Startup4kids offers a social and financial training program Aflatoun to give these kids extra opportunities for a better future.

What do we want to accomplish?

Startup4kids joined hands with the orphanage ‘Home Sweet Home in the south of Uganda (Jinja) to teach forty children of school age, some orphans and some with a disability, financial and social skills.  Home Sweet Home combines this with AIDS education.

The Future

In 2017 we are looking for a second partnership that will enable us to reach at least a hundred more kids starting from 2018. In the following years we want to double our reach every year. This means that we will reach around 500 orphans with a disability from 2021 on.

The team in Uganda

Home Sweet Home is a Christian orphanage with a daily activity centre for kids with a disability.

Our biggest goal is not only to provide these kids with the basic necessities of life like food, water and shelter, but to also give them proper education so that they can grow in the Ugandan society.  The project is being executed by the founders Susan and Zenon.

Orphanage care taker Suzan den Hertog about the education program:

“Good education means having a chance at a better future for a child in Uganda. That does not stop with learning math or a language. The complimentary education program that startup4kids offers, gives these children extra social and financial abilities, which makes a big difference  for their future”.

Extra information

Want to know more? Contact the one who is responsible for our project in Uganda: Mascha van Sambaed via of 0646900612

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