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Why is there need for complementary education in Nepal?

In Nepal there are at least 16.349 kids in 597 children’s homes.  In general, the quality of education in Nepal is bad and orphans often have limited access to  education. Consequently one of the main problems these children face, is a lack of social and financial skills that enable them to build an independent future for themselves. Startup4kids attempts to fill this gap by providing a social and financial training program (Aflatoun), which gives them a better chance to improve their future. 

What do we want to accomplish?

Along with our partner, The Umbrella Foundation in Kathmandu, Startup4kids started offering the Aflatoun education program in 2016. In 2016 seventy children from the ages of 13 to 18 were taught social and financial skills. These are children who were still in the Children’s homes of Umbrella or those who had left the homes after graduation to stand on their own feet.

The future

In 2017 we will reach a new group of forty teenagers through our partner. It is our aim to scale up in our current project countries. To this end, we are working on partnerships with foundations like the Ombir foundation.  Our goal is to reach a minimum of a hundred kids through multiple partners in 2018. In the years following, we would like to yearly double our reach in Nepal.

The team in Nepal

Kids who don’t have a place to call home, are given shelter in Umbrella’s children’s homes. Umbrella also provides medical care and education for these children. By partnering with Umbrella, StartUpkids provides additional education programs directed at improving their personal and financial capabilities.

Former Country Director Caroline Scheffer about the Aflatoun education program:

“Especially for kids who don’t have the privilege of growing up in a family, it is of the utmost importance to learn social and financial skills. One can get high grades for management study, but if one doesn’t have the skills to interact with different kinds of people, the chances of achieving a better future is still limited. This education program complements the current education opportunities in Nepal very well and gives youngsters the additional skills that make it possible for them to grow into independent and valuable and contributing citizens of Nepal.”

Extra information

Want to know more? Contact the one who is responsible for our project in Nepal: Sofie Bartels via

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