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Kaart EthiopiëWhy is there need for supplementary education in Ethiopia?

Children with disabilities are part of the most vulnerable and underprivileged groups in the Ethiopian society. They are often discriminated and excluded from participating in education or the labour market. The government overlooks this group constantly making the kids solely dependable on their families and environment. Because these kids are not a priority in society, they lack confidence and often also have an educational disadvantage.

What do we want to accomplish?

Together with our partner, we aim to give children with a disability in Ethiopia the opportunity to gain access to the Aflatoun curriculum with the help of Aflatoun trainers with a disability.

The future

Our wish is to continue and build on our existing program together with our partner(s). We have already extended our program to new target groups such as blind children.

We want to facilitate the entrepreneurial clubs in schools even more so that the success of the program becomes visible. The first steps towards alternative ways of (local) fundraising and income-generating activities have also been taken. We will expand this further so that our partner(s) can operate independently and new schools or centers can be reached via StartUp4Kids.

The team in Ethiopia

The Aflatoun team in Ethiopia is managed by the general manager of the project and a two project coordinators. Furthermore, the team consists mainly of teachers who are deaf or with a physical disability. Every two weeks, evaluation meetings are organized where the Aflatoun teachers share each other’s experiences.

Extra information

Want to know more? Contact the one who is responsible for our project in Ethiopia: Naomi Menelik via

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