Monitoring and evaluation

Measuring our impact has our highest priority

Since the beginning of our first project in Peru in 2010, we have been measuring the number of children, institutions and trainers that we reach. Although we find that measuring our reach has our highest priority, our main goal is to find out what the long term effect is of our education program.

Aflatoun, the developer of the education program, says:

“Our evidence base shows that through Aflatoun International’s programmes children learn about money, they change their personal attitudes and financial behaviour and they practice the lessons learned while engaging in enterprises”.

Want to know more about the Aflatoun research? We can refer you to their website

With Startup4kids, we make it our highest priority to give as many children as possible extra opportunities so that they can make their dreams come true. We do this in cooperation with our partners, and many donors and funds support us on this. However, we want to be absolutely sure that we are going to succeed in our mission.

How do we do that?

Since 2016 we have started collecting qualitative and quantitative data that are supplied and developed by our partners.

Long term impact

The children of our projects follow the Aflatoun curriculum for at least a year. Since this is a program based on experiential learning, this makes a lasting difference in the lives of these children. We consider the lessons as a toolbox with tools that they can use for the rest of their lives. In addition, it has been proven that children who learn to do business at a young age later become successful entrepreneurs. Because this is what we want: We want the children to become self-reliant and able to pursue their happiness on their own.

We know what the power of experiential learning is: We have seen it ourselves during our project visits and through our own experiences with such ways of learning. Nevertheless, critical questions are asked by our supporters about the long-term impact. Because we want to demonstrate the strength of our projects, we are going to develop extra materials for all our projects with interactive information about banking services and microfinance. In addition, we will encourage the children to join the online Aflateen platform after leaving our program. Here the children can follow the next educational program (the Aflateen program) online and they are connected to children all over the world. We ask these children also to connect the StartUp4Kids family online. In this way we stay in contact with an ever-growing group of young people and we can continue to measure the long-term impact.

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